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'Thank you' to all those wonderful people who helped with the graveyard tidy on Saturday 30 June 2012. This was a great success and a memorable community event. The tidy continues to be 'work in progress' and will be an ongoing activity. Another tidy day will take place on Saturday 21st July and everybody, yes everybody is invited to come along and take part.


On the day of the tidy the weather was kind to us with only minor hiccups such as the occassional downpour and a very loud clap of thunder. However, this did not dampen our spirits and added another dimension to the day! Another vote of thanks to the kind and generous professionals who enabled work to be carried with the loan of equipment which made life much easier. The heavy duty strimmers, petrol lawnmower etc. were a godsend. What we managed to achieve in a day would have taken weeks without the equipment. The good humoured banter and witty comments from the group flowed thick and fast. One that especially springs to mind - 'all the gear, no idea' was particularly pertinent at the start of the day! Now this might have had initial meaning but certainly not at the end of the day. Most of the men are now chomping at the bit to demonstrate their newly acquired skills.


We have already had some really good feedback from those visiting the graveyard and they express their gratitude for all the work done so far. Our work mainly focused on the lower graveyard, memorial garden and the area directly to the front and back of the church. It has all made a big difference and looks absolutely marvelous. If people want to do any graveyard tidying inbetween the planned activity days then please feel free to do this, it all helps to keep the area looking neat and cared for.


Extra thanks to:

Grace Landscapes for their professional guidance, equipment and manpower; Kirklees Council who provided a skip; Mirfield Town Council for their contribution to the grass cutting equipment; Mirfield Mini Skips for their swift action to avert the skip being the centre of attention on the wedding photographs, the church cafe for refreshments

and Margaret for the well scripted banner advertising the event.


It was a great day! We hope to see you all again soon. Best wishes from the Friends of St Mary's Community Heritage Site. (Next tidy day:  coming soon).

....'all the gear, no idea', was particularly pertinent at the start of the day.

Tidy Day, 30th June 2012